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Going to the dentist without feeling bad - who doesn't want that?

Prevention is still the best medicine - as the old saying says. Nevertheless many people are still afraid of the dentist. Necessary treatments are delayed until the pain is too much.

To ensure that things don't get that far, we see it as the most important task of our dental practice in Fulda to support you in the most optimal way in the field of preventive care
Let us start with the SOLO prophylaxis. For this purpose alone four staff members are employed to clean your teeth as best as possible or to show you how you should carry out the cleaning process yourself.

In the treatment of the teeth we prevent the progressive process of eroding tooth enamel.
Nilix has a more cosmetic character. It is a method in which stains on the teeth can be "eradicated".
Preventive care can also be taken when it comes to the right choice of dentures or dental fillings. Here we offer you a compatibility check as well as the kinesiology.
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